Our Savior Pastor Julie Grafe

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Julie Grafe

Our Savior Organist Andrew Maya

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Andrew Maya

Our Savior Office Admin Jane Gravelle

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Jane Gravelle

Church Council:


Linda Pilmer

Council Members

Jan Fisher, Doris Benter, Darrin Anderson, Marisa McCoy

Our Savior Pastors

In our years of growing in Our Savior's love, 9 senior pastors have served us:

1935 - 1968

Paul G. Krentz

1968 - 1974

Gilbert Klomhaus

1974 - 1991

Arlan H. Brandt

1991 - 2005

Timothy H. Swanson

2006 - 2007

Mark Reshan

2010 - 2015

Jeffrey Mikyska

2017 - 2018

Peter J. Clark

2021 - Present

Julie Grafe

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