Mission Statement:

Growing as a community of Christ’s disciples who praise God, share the Gospel, and serve others.

Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church

What we believe:

We are a family that worships and works together for the purpose of sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ with the world. In all that we do, we praise and worship God, keeping the Good news of Jesus Christ as our focus. Because of Christ’s love, and through the Holy Spirit, we are invited to a new and changed life together, which includes serving and caring for all of God’s creation. And so, we commit ourselves to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

At OSLC, we believe in the Confessions of Faith of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. You can find more information about those confessions at elca.org.

Our Goals:

At OSLC, we base our annual goals on our five core values:

Sharing the Gospel
Living as a family
Acting as disciples
Serving others
Worshiping together
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