The Words of the Hymn
“God Is Here”
Sum Up What Sunday Morning 
Worship is Like
Our Saviours

God is here! As we your people
        meet to offer praise and prayer,
        may we find in fuller measure
        what it is in Christ we share.
        Here, as in the world around us,
        all our varied skills and arts
        wait the coming of the Spirit
        into open minds and hearts.

Here are symbols to remind us
        of our lifelong need of grace;
        here are table, font, and pulpit;
        here the cross has central place.
        Here in honesty of preaching,
        here in silence, as in speech,
        here, in newness and renewal,
        God the Spirit comes to each.

Holy Communion is
Celebrated Every Sunday
and on Major Festivals

Here our children find a welcome
        in the Shepherd’s flock and fold;
        here as bread and wine are taken,
        Christ sustains us as of old.
        Here the servants of the Servant
        seek in worship to explore
        what it means in daily living
        to believe and to adore.

Children begin Worship with their families, attend Sunday School following the Pastor’s Children’s Sermon, and return to their families during worship to attend Holy Communion.

There are more hymns
that speak to what Worship is About at OSLC

Now as evening falls around us, 
we shall raise our songs to you,
God of daybreak, 
God of Shadows, 
come and light our hearts anew.

Every Wednesday Evening
From September through
June we gather together sing Holden Evening Prayer and hear a brief message from our Pastor.

Or if you are not ready for formal Worship
we invite you to come, sit, and rest awhile by the Children’s Fountain in the Courtyard.

Come come come come come along now,
Run away from the hum-drum,
We’ll go to a place that is safe from
greed, anger and boredom.

We’ll dance and sing till sundown,
and feast with abandon,
We’ll sleep when the morning comes,
and we’ll rise by the sound of the birdsongs.

We’ll be here when the world slows down,
and the sunbeams fade away,

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