Our Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church is a traditional and winsome community of faith. We take very seriously the theological depth, beauty, and gravitas of Christianity’s tradition. This is especially true in our worship services. And yet we believe that this great tradition should make us loving, relational, and very devoted to the mission of Jesus Christ in the community and world around us. We reach back only to move ahead.

The church is centered in the grace of Jesus Christ, and we talk about that a lot. Since we are all clear that our common center  is the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ we spend little time here worrying about the boundary issues that exclude people. Our church holds together just fine by its center.

We come from many walks of life and have contrasting opinions about most of the prevailing issues. Only Christ could hold us all together, and we give thanks for just how wonderfully he does that in the bonds of tender love.

So, we invite you to come and join us.  We don’t want to be your home church we want to be your church home.

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